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Imagine countless 50-foot high mounds of textile waste waiting to be picked up from busy clothing factories... Endless years of garbage trucks picking up and then dumping all this trash over and over. Not a pretty picture, nor a healthy solution for the landfills that it will end up rotting in.

Now imagine that all these garbage trucks suddenly cease to make their routine visits to these factories - instead, a different kind of truck pulls in and collects all that seemingly worthless waste, hauls it over to a place where that same textile waste is cleaned, scoured, stripped of color and eventually returned to its original form.


Cotton is one of the world's thirstiest crops and most desirable textiles, but it takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of gallons of water to grow enough cotton to manufacture a single shirt or even one pair of jeans.


Our technology of recycling pre-consumer textile waste, significantly reduces the amount of water that is traditionally wasted during the intensive process of growing cotton in the fields. And Code Green Apparel doesn’t just recycle cotton out of those 50-foot high mounds of textile waste...we also breathe new life into polyester and other blends of fabric as well.


Once the textile waste has been returned to its original form, it is then handled no differently than any other textile would be treated at an ordinary garment manufacturer. Our recycled apparel looks, feels and performs identically to any non-recycled piece of clothing. The yarns we weave and the fabric we sew are subjected to the same industry standards and the employees of your company won't notice any difference with their fresh green apparel. But there is a difference in that new company uniform of theirs, a big difference...

Because what you wear, matters.

It matters now more than ever, since responsible companies across the globe all share in company-wide sustainability initiatives that hold us all to that same rising standard. These environmental views can now be both supported and worn in the form of better apparel with a conscience -- Code Green Apparel


Sustainability companies are proving that it makes sense to their operations and our environment. Change of this sort within companies is both noble in effort and rewarding for our communities. But executives know all too well that implementing sustainability initiatives may ultimately doom the financial sustainability of their very own business model. In the face of this challenge, going green continues to be a major priority for many companies, but it needs to be, it has to be, the right shade of green.

We not only support the sustainability initiatives of companies worldwide, we empower your company with more green, for less of your financial green.

Our Factory Direct Business Model allows our recycled apparel to beat the current cost of your employee uniforms. It's a win-win both financially and environmentally. So let us share with you how we can expand your company's sustainability initiatives, while helping your employees both wear and then share your environmental views.


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