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There I was parked in the driveway of my home along with my 5-year-old son in the backseat still fastened with his seatbelt on. As I was just about to step out from behind the wheel, my son, Luke, asked me a question that I didn’t have an answer for… A question posed to me some six years ago, that today, now finds me sharing this very letter with you. He simply asked me, "Why not?!?".

Luke and I had just returned from our area's recycling center which featured a shared lesson from Dad as to why we needed to make the effort to deposit our cans, bottles and papers. He got the lesson, so much that as we sat there parked in our driveway, he said that we should be recycling EVERYTHING. I quickly dispelled his notion and said, "Well maybe not everything."... And then this kid so boldly asked, "Why not?!?".

You're absolutely right Luke! At the very least, we sure can... try to.

Having been in the apparel industry for over 30 years, I couldn't help recalling the mind-boggling amounts of waste and filth that my industry had created, and that maybe, just maybe, I could help find a way to bridge the disconnect between our environment and the clothing industry. Now, with the help of a handful of brave visionaries, we have taken a bold first step with Code Green Apparel.

In witnessing the profound sustainability initiatives launched by countless Fortune 500 companies, I respect how the leadership of these organizations has placed a high value on inspiring their employees to remain engaged in their environmental principles. With the challenge of integrating sustainability programs, measuring their effectiveness and delivering continued value to stakeholders, these global companies are the pioneers that light the trail of responsibility for respecting our planet's future. In the wake of their ceaseless efforts, I am left both awed and inspired.

As your partner, Code Green Apparel's mission is to be a meaningful complement to the impressive suite of sustainability practices already employed at your company. Let us help you both wear and share what you believe in.

George Powell - CEO & President

“Here's to the kid in all of us that will
always dare to ask, "Why not?!?"

A Message From Our Leader